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Okay all you mofos:

One good turn deserves another and all that. So, here's a place for our legion of Los Angeles (and nearby) livejournalers to stay in touch, and put together subsequent in-person events and parties until we all either ascend in the white heat that we generate or can't stand each other any longer. Heh heh.

Let me know if you notice anyone I missed that should be here.

Good to meet y'all on Saturday, and better still to see y'all again soon. Love to you and yours.
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I was thinking of joining one of those LJ Los Angeles groups, but they all look like wankers...okay, not all....but most.

I am glad we now have a community of cool in-the-area people.

We'll won't wank. We'll wobble.
You clearly know what I was talking about.
I didn't even know. A club that I'm a member of. Jinx just told me about it. I will now add it to my list so that I will know about parties and tits.